Comerica Leasing is ready to provide the equipment financing solution that is right for your specific circumstances. With more than 30 years of experience serving clients nationwide, the Comerica Leasing team specializes in providing beneficial equipment financing options. As a strategic product partner that works exclusively with our relationship managers and their clients, count on us for competitive rates, efficient credit approvals and flexible equipment finance structures.

We work with you objectively to structure a financing alternative that will meet your individual needs. We’ll do a thorough analysis of your situation and provide a tailored solution to meet your requirements—from lease lines of credit to interim funding.

Our skilled leasing specialists are experienced in many industries and service a diverse, global customer base that includes manufacturing, transportation, corporate aircraft, railroad and service sectors.

Leasing Benefits

Depending on your company’s particular goals and objectives, equipment lease financing may be an attractive solution for some of the following reasons:

  • 100% financing
  • Improves cash flow with lower payment and lower implicit interest rate
  • Preserves working capital
  • Off-balance sheet treatment for certain lease products
  • Capital budget limitations
  • IRB financing requirements
  • Alternative minimum tax constraints
  • Operating loss carry forwards
  • Tax planning device 

Lease Options

  • True Leases – for lower payments and favorable tax treatment
  • Operating Leases – for off-balance sheet treatment
  • TRAC (Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause) Leases – for titled commercial vehicles
  • Capital Leases – for lessees who wish to retain tax depreciation benefits
  • Municipal Leases – for tax-exempt entities
  • Lease Warehousing – for lessor financing
  • Lease Discounting – for indirect third-party financing

Our direct bank lessor arrangement makes lease transactions more efficient for the companies we serve—regardless of size. Whether you are a small privately owned firm or a Fortune 500 company, we can help you achieve your equipment financing goals.