At Comerica, we understand that collecting customer payments can be challenging. That’s why we offer Comerica Easy PaySM, a low-cost, high-volume solution that makes it easier for your customers to make payments — helping you to get control of your payment processes, improve funds availability, and save time and costs.

Comerica Easy Pay allows you to offer your customers a suite of electronic payment alternatives without requiring you to make large investments in the infrastructure and staff to support these services. It allows your customers to make payments at their convenience, 24 hours a day, seven days a week online or over the phone by Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or through a customer service representative. Plus, it allows you to offer your customers a variety of convenient electronic payment options such as debit cards, major credit cards, and electronic checks (Automated Clearing House/Electronic Funds Transfer).

By using Comerica Easy Pay, you’ll also get real time, precise financial reporting and remittance files to expedite and ease your accounts receivable processing. You’ll receive detailed summaries of your transactions when you want them, and the way you want them. You can also monitor your incoming payments and cash flow throughout the day to expedite your cash forecasting processes.

With Comerica Easy Pay, you get everything you and your customers could hope for when it comes to collecting and making payments—simplicity, flexibility and convenience. Easy Pay will be branded with your own identity so your customers will be comfortable and confident with their payment experience.

Multiple Payment Options

To make the payment process simple and convenient for your customers, Comerica Easy Pay offers a variety of methods that can accept and process nearly all types of payments:


Comerica will customize a web site for your business, where customers with Internet access can securely make payments 24/7 through their own personal account. Once a payment is made, your customer will receive instant confirmation for their records.


Using a safe and secure IVR system, customers can call a toll-free phone number that will navigate them through the payment process.  Customers may also choose to speak to a representative.

Fraud Prevention

Comerica Easy Pay features a host of fraud prevention/security measures that make it safe for both you and your customers:

  • Account lookups to validate account numbers and other payment information
  • Zip code verification
  • Online authorization
  • Customer-defined parameters (e.g. minimum and/or maximum dollar limits, number of payments per period)

To learn more about Comerica Easy Pay, please contact your Comerica Treasury Management Representative, or call Treasury Management Services at 800.852.3649