Corporate Finance provides comprehensive financing solutions for clients by structuring the optimal transaction in the private markets based on a client’s goals and objectives. We provide the client with the right structure based on current capital market conditions whether for capital expenditures, corporate expansion, acquisitions, recapitalizations or management buyouts. Comerica Corporate Finance, in conjunction with our strategic alliance partners, provides middle market and large corporate clients:

• Superior private capital-raising knowledge

• Deep relationships in the senior debt, private placement and private subordinated debt and equity marketplaces

• Dedicated and experienced professionals, with strong capital market knowledge

Senior Syndicated Debt

Corporate Finance has significant experience in structuring, pricing and syndicating senior debt facilities. We structure transactions both on a cash flow and asset-based basis, in a variety of industries. In addition, Corporate Finance has acted as agent on numerous multi-currency transactions for both public and private companies with existing or acquired international operations over the years.

Corporate Finance works in tandem with Comerica’s relationship managers to structure debt facilities, which meet a variety of needs for our corporate clients and equity sponsor relationships. Corporate Finance’s loan-structuring professionals will work with management to structure a financing package that meets a company’s capital needs. The syndication team takes this well structured transaction and arranges a syndicate of lenders that best fits a company’s objectives. Depending on the structure of the client’s facility, this syndicate of lenders can include commercial banks, finance companies, or institutional investors as necessary.

The types of facilities we execute include:

• Acquisition, refinancing and general corporate

• Secured and unsecured

• Investment grade and non-investment grade

• Structured-finance transactions to facilitate buyouts and build-ups

• Traditional asset-based structures

• Senior leveraged cash flow transactions

• Multi-currency transactions for global financing needs

• Construction, acquisition and development and bridge financing for commercial real estate

Comerica Corporate Finance offers our clients one-stop shopping. This includes providing additional support to the relationship management team, and the client, well after the transaction is closed. Corporate Finance handles administration of the loan as well as assisting with any amendments or restructuring items that are necessary on an on-going basis.

However, consistent with Comerica Bank’s relationship banking philosophy, the customer relationship always remains with the banking group and the client’s existing relationship manager. Comerica Corporate Finance acts as an additional resource, working in conjunction with the banking group to ensure the customer receives the highest quality of service possible.

Private Placements – Debt and Equity

Comerica’s Corporate Finance team, working with our strategic alliances, also provides significant access to the capital markets for privately placed senior debt, subordinated debt, mezzanine debt, and other equity like products – with the ability to raise capital throughout different levels of the balance sheet. Corporate Finance and our alliances have significant experience in coordinating the structuring, timing and investor relationships in different private markets simultaneously to assure its clients seamless, timely delivery of capital including:

• Senior Notes: Secured or unsecured, investment grade and non-investment grade

• Subordinated Debt: Coupon only, warrant or appreciation rights, pay-in-kind and convertible structures

• Equity: preferred and common, convertible and redeemable, controlling and non-controlling

M&A Services

Comerica Bank has Referral Agreements in place with a number of investment banking firms to provide M&A services to our clients. Comerica’s Corporate Finance team coordinates introductions to these firms, which share our long-term customer relationship philosophy and provide the high level of service we expect for our clients. All of these firms have full service capabilities and teams of senior professionals with extensive experience in a variety of industries.

Examples of industries we serve:

• Manufacturing

• Energy

• Technology

• Entertainment

• Consumer products

• Environmental services