You need more than just a gas card, you need an efficient fleet card solution that helps you keep your expenses on track.

With the Comerica Commercial Card for Fleet, you can stay on top of your company’s fuel and vehicle-related purchases with the click of a button.

This simple solution gives your company the tools you need to effectively manage your fleet purchases. Through Comerica’s Card Management System (CMS), you can monitor and control the expenses of each vehicle and driver by establishing spending and purchase limits.

Whether your employees need to pay for fuel, maintenance, repairs or other fleet expenses, the Comerica Commercial Card for Fleet gives you a wide range of controls, a simplified payment method and comprehensive online administration tools.

Accepted at over 47 million Mastercard®* merchant locations worldwide, it’s more than a card, it’s a fleet expense management solution.

Stay in the Driver’s Seat With a Variety of Spending Controls

Your Comerica Commercial Card for Fleet provides you with multiple card types and purchase options, including driver and vehicle assigned cards. Driver cards can be used by your employees to make purchases for vehicle expenses. Vehicle cards can be assigned to a specific vehicle and used by multiple drivers to cover expenses.

You can limit purchases for either card type. Driver card purchases can be limited to fuel only or fuel and other purchases. Vehicle card purchases can be limited to fuel only or fuel and maintenance only. For even more spending controls, you can limit the number of transactions per day, number of transactions per month, set single purchase limits, monthly and daily spending limits and control access to cash.

Plus, with driver cards you can require that a vehicle ID or other ID number be provided at the time of purchase for authorization. Odometer number can also be required for tracking purposes. Vehicle cards require both a driver ID and odometer number at the time of purchase.

With the Comerica Commercial Card for Fleet, you have the flexibility to determine your level of control based on your program needs.

24/7 Access to Information and Reporting Transactions

Our web-based administration and reporting tools give you the information you need – when you need it – with 24/7 access to accounts and transactions, including:

Card Management System (CMS): Comerica’s automated program management tool enables you to manage and monitor your card program on a day-to-day basis. View current balances and recent transactions, add new cardholders, change purchase profiles and spend limits, block or cancel cards, maintain driver and vehicle IDs, export transaction data for deeper analysis or integration into your MIS, and more.

Mastercard® Smart DataTM (SDG2): With the Mastercard Smart DataTM reporting application, smartdata.gen2, you can manage, organize and integrate card transaction data with your general ledger system. Also, you have access to three standard Fleet reports – Fleet Costs, Fuel Brand Summary and Fuel Exception/Detail. Smart Data includes transaction review and approval and a powerful reporting tool that helps you turn data into business intelligence with customizable templates, advanced filtering options, and the ability to schedule and export reports in a variety of formats.  In addition, SDG2 features the Smart Data mobile website with the ability to view up to 30 days of transactions, upload receipts, and add cash transactions.

Get on the Road to Controlling Expenses

Start today and take better control of your fleet expenses. The Comerica Commercial Card team is here to help you make the most of your Card program.

Whether you are using cards for the first time, or have experience with payment card transactions, we can help you minimize costs and maximize efficiency and performance with a Comerica Commercial Card solution designed to meet the specific needs of your company.

To learn more about Comerica Commercial Card for Fleet, please contact your Treasury Management Representative, or call Treasury Management Services at 888.341.6490.