The Comerica Commercial Card is a payment solution that streamlines the procure-to-pay process for all types of business expenses. Whether you are seeking solutions to streamline your payables process or to provide your employees with a convenient method to pay for business travel, order office supplies, or service a company vehicle, our Commercial Card offers the spending control, transaction detail and expense visibility you need to improve your bottom line.

Purchase Control and Program Management Made Easy

With the Comerica Commercial Card, you choose the spending privileges for each cardholder. Based on job responsibility, you decide who can use their card for travel, procurement, vehicle expenses, or any combination. Our selection of purchase profiles makes it easy to specify the types of suppliers where each card can be used, and what dollar or transaction limits might be imposed as well. 

The Comerica Card Management System provides online, real-time access to conveniently manage your accounts.  Controls can be established and maintained by your Program Administrator in real-time to reduce potential fraud and manage spending at the cardholder level. Controls include monthly and daily spending limits, single purchase limits, merchant category groups, monthly and daily transaction limits and more.

A variety of alerts are available to assist you and your cardholders including credit limit utilization, card decline, suspicious activity and statement notification.  Comerica also has ongoing development of new alerts to enhance your program management experience.

Enhanced Security

Comerica’s fraud monitoring system helps protect your organization from unauthorized card use and is continually updated to create flexible, customized fraud detection models. If suspicious activity is detected, our team will assess the situation and, as warranted, will contact your program administrator and/or your cardholder via an email or text alert to verify the activity.

Electronic Accounts Payable (EAP)

Leverage your accounts payable system with Commercial Card. Comerica offers solutions with varying levels of integration to help you accomplish your electronic payables goals using Commercial Card.  In addition to a simplified, streamlined process and the elimination of paper-based payments, using Commercial Cards for vendor payments offers improved cash flow, enhanced access to and control of your payment information, reduced expenses by eliminating check and postage fees, transaction detail and increased fraud protection with more control over your vendor payments.

Electronic payables options include Comerica Integrated Payables WebTM which enables you to consolidate all of your payments into a single payment file using Comerica Commercial Card, ACH, wire transfer or check.  Or, if you want to focus solely on card payments, our Virtual Card batch feature requires minimal file integration.  With either solution, your company prepares a file indicating which payments to make using Commercial Card and transmits the file to Comerica through a safe and secure file transmission. Your vendors are then conveniently notified via email that you have authorized a single-use card payment.  Comerica offers vendor registration assistance and will work with you to develop your strategy and contact your vendors to help migrate them to card payments.

Commercial Card single-use vendor payments can also be initiated and managed online through Comerica’s Card Management System. This is an ideal option for low volume or ad-hoc payments, or to transition a few preferred vendors to electronic payments.

Expense Transparency and Reconcilement Information at Your Fingertips

Our web-based administration and reporting tools give your cardholders and program administrators the information they need – when they need it. 24/7 access to accounts and transactions lets you and your cardholders work according to your schedule.

Card Management System (CMS): Comerica’s online program management tool lets you manage and monitor your card program on a day-to-day basis. View current balances and recent transactions, add new cardholders, change purchase profiles, block or cancel cards, manage alert preferences, export transaction data for deeper analysis and more. Comerica’s CMS is easy to use and provides 24-hour access, providing you ultimate real-time control over your program and enhanced security with token login access.

Online Statements: Online statements are accessible by you and your cardholders to view up to 24 months of statements, view pending and posted transactions, make payments, and manage card user profiles.

Mastercard®1 Smart DataTM (SDG2): Mastercard smartdata.gen2 is a web-based reporting solution for expense and information management. Manage, organize, and integrate card transaction data with your general ledger system with Smart Data. 
SDG2 includes transaction review/approval, as well as a powerful reporting tool that helps you turn data into business intelligence with customizable templates, advanced filtering options, report categorization, and the ability to schedule and export reports in a variety of formats. Smart Data users have access to the Smart Data mobile website and can search/view transactions, add cash transactions and use the Receipt Upload feature.

Program Service and Optimization

In addition to our online administration tools, the Comerica Commercial Card service 
team is dedicated to helping you optimize the benefits of your card program.  We are here to help answer questions and assist you in making the most of your program. We don’t want to leave the success of your program to chance, so we offer a number of program optimization tools and industry benchmark data to help you achieve your card program goals. Whether you are using cards for the first time, or have experience with payment card transactions, we can help you achieve the efficiency you desire and maximize performance with an optimized card program.

Valuable Cardholder Services

Your Comerica Commercial Card program also includes these Mastercard® benefits for your cardholders:

  • Purchase Assurance
  • Extended Warranty
  • MasterRental Insurance
  • MasterAssist Services

Worldwide Acceptance

The Comerica Commercial Card is accepted at over 47 million Mastercard® locations worldwide, with access to cash (optional) at over 2 million ATM locations around the globe.

To learn more about the Comerica Commercial Card, please contact your Comerica Treasury Management Representative, or call Treasury Management Services at 888.341.6490.