Meeting the real-time, daily demands of your business can be challenging. And, logging into accounts to check on the status of transactions or transmissions, incoming or outgoing, and across different accounts, can be time consuming. With Comerica’s Treasury Management Alerts, notifications can be sent to a cell phone or email to help keep you informed of account activities.

ACH E-mail Cell
ACH Batch Not Processed  
ACH Batch Processed  
ACH File Not Processed  
ACH File Received  
ACH Notice of Change  
ACH Positive Pay Pending Items  
ACH Returned Items  
ACH Transaction Received  
ACH Transaction Received Plus Addenda  
Account Reconcilement / Positive Pay E-mail Cell
ARP File-incoming  
ARP File-outgoing  
Positive Pay Notifications  
Account Information E-mail Cell
Statement Ready  
Target Balance 
Cash Vault E-mail Cell
Cash Order Confirmation
Comerica Treasury File Reporting® E-mail Cell
Integrated Payables File Received  
Integrated Payables Rejected Payments  
Comerica TM Connect Web® E-mail Cell
Account Transfer Approval 
ACH Transaction Approval 
Current Day Information Reporting 
Template Approval
Wire Approval 
Comerica Integrated Payables Web E-mail Cell
Integrated Payables Web Rejected Payments  
Comerica Loan Management E-mail Cell
Loan Management Expiring Commitment
Loan Management Rate Option Re-Price
Loan Management Pending Transaction
Loan Management Failed Transaction
Image Cash Letter E-mail Cell
Adjustment Report Available
ICL Alert-incoming
ICLR Alert-incoming
Comerica Treasury Payments® E-mail Cell
Account Transfer Approval
ACH Transaction Approval
Current Day Information Reporting
Template Approval
Wire Approval
Payment Approval Window Passed
Payment Rejected
Wire Beneficiary Notification  
Returned Items E-mail Cell
Commercial Returned Items Statement Ready  
Real Time Payments E-mail Cell
Incoming RTP Credit Transactions
Wire Transfer E-mail Cell
Wire Alert-incoming
Wire Alert-outgoing
Wire Alert-rejected
Wire Alert-cancelled

Your designated Primary Administrator for Comerica Business Connect will manage your organization’s Alerts by:

  • Setting up employees
  • Restricting or granting access
  • Delegating Alerts responsibilities
  • Setting time parameters to receive alerts or hold until the following day

With this tool, most changes are applied within minutes.

Not all Alerts are available through all device types.