This service lets you access your business loans just by calling a toll-free number and following the prompts.

Comerica Loan Transline is fast and easy, and all your transactions are followed up with a written confirmation mailed directly to you.

To Get Started, Call:

1.888.222.2022 California, Arizona

1.800.207.8003 Texas

1.800.444.4555 All other markets

Be Sure To Have The Following Information Ready:

  • Your customer number:
  • Your loan number:
  • Your security code*: (*After entering the customer number and loan number, new customers will be asked to select a four-digit security code to be used for future transactions.)

What You Can Expect To Hear

  1. “Welcome to Comerica Loan Transline.”
  2. “Please enter your customer number now.”
  3. “Please enter your loan number, followed by the # sign.”
  4. “Please enter your security code now.”
  5. “Thank you for calling Comerica Loan Transline.”
    • Press 1 if you wish to borrow.”
    • Press 2 if you wish to repay.”
    • Press 3 to inquire on your loan balance.”
    • Press 4 to change your security code.”

To Credit Or Debit Your Account

1. If you have authorized more than one checking account for your credit or debit activity, Comerica Loan Transline will continue to present all of the authorized account numbers. You may interrupt the message and enter your selection at any time.

2. Enter the dollar amount of your request, including cents, followed by the # sign (i.e. $100.00 would be entered 10000#.) You will then receive a verbal confirmation of your amount.

If correct, press 1.

If incorrect, press 2 to re-enter.    

Your transaction will be processed and completed.

3. You will receive a confirmation number. Please record this number for reference purposes. To repeat the confirmation number, press 1.

4. To request another transaction with this note, press 2; OR to end call, press 3.

Your transaction will be recorded and automatically transcribed- and a written confirmation will be sent to you. In the event of any problems, your Relationship Manager will contact you.

NOTE: If the Comerica Loan Transline system is unavailable, or if you are calling after hours, please have your checking account number ready. You will be asked to enter the checking account number to request your transaction.