Your Cash Position Is Just a Click Away

In today’s challenging economy, managing your business’s cash flow has never been more important. And now with Comerica Bank, it’s never been easier.

With Comerica Integrated Cash Position Manager, you can replace all of your spreadsheet systems with one standardized, web-based tool that allows you to see your current* and projected cash position throughout the day, in real time.

Built Around You

With Comerica Integrated Cash Position Manager, you can design customized templates based on your current needs, inputs, outputs, and formats.

You can even import your current spreadsheet formats and add specific definitions to ensure standardized reporting. And since the system is compatible with Microsoft Excel and standard PDF generation, it makes it easy to integrate and save information.

Everything You Need, in One Place

Now you can see and analyze everything in one place, helping you free up time and eliminate data errors. Comerica Integrated Cash Position Manager consolidates all balance and transaction data from Comerica Treasury Information ReportingSM which supports information from Comerica and other financial institutions.

From one simple portal, you’ll be able to view account information on:

  • Deposits
  • Lockbox transactions
  • Wire transfers
  • ACH
  • Account transfers
  • Controlled Disbursement
  • Trust balances
  • Securities balances
  • Commercial Loan balances and transactions

Total Integration, Total Convenience

Once set up, all of your data is fully integrated with Comerica Treasury Information ReportingSM so you can access all of your working capital needs. Comerica Integrated Cash Position Manager puts it all together to help you maximize your time.

One and Done!

With its power of integration and automation, Comerica Integrated Cash Position Manager lets you obtain your cash position simply and at anytime. Just define your template parameters once and immediately start making better informed working capital and liquidity management decisions. To get started, contact your Comerica Treasury Management representative, or call Treasury Management Services at 888.341.6490 today.