Comerica eFX is an online solution that enables you to conduct foreign exchange transactions from anywhere in the world, quickly, easily, and securely. It’s the fastest and most efficient way to:

  • Initiate foreign currency payments from your USD or foreign currency account
  • Access real-time deal-able prices
  • Access real-time foreign currency account activity
  • Get automatic confirmation and settlement
  • Get fast peak-time response
  • Set up repetitive instructions for recurring payments
  • Set up repetitive instructions for standard settlement instructions
  • Import files of payments for bulk pricing
  • Import files of standard settlement instructions
  • Conduct bulk transactions and draw them down into smaller transactions
  • Eliminate the need to verify phone initiated trades by fax or phone
  • Receive notifications of trades by email to multiple parties
  • Get real-time reporting of both Internet and non-Internet trades
  • Assign access by each individual user to provide permission to functions, accounts, and activities by parent and/or subsidiary
  • Set up multiple levels of security approval to request trade pricing, establish new standard settlement instructions and release payments
  • Export reports to Excel® spreadsheets
  • Generate foreign currency account statements on-demand
  • View balances and activity and send wires out of your Comerica Currency Account1

In short, you can use your Web browser to access a full range of foreign exchange functionality — spot, forward, swaps, and more.

System Security

Comerica eFX uses the highest security technology currently available:

  • Secure token technology

System Requirements

  • Internet Explorer version 8.0 through 11.0