At Comerica, we understand the unique financial needs of local governments and municipalities. With a variety of budgetary pressures, the need for tools and resources that can help state and local governments streamline their processes and run more efficiently is vital.

Designed as an alternative to checks and petty cash, the Comerica Commercial CardSM is a payment solution that streamlines the procure-to-pay process for all types of public sector business expenses. Whether your employees need to pay for memberships, order office supplies, secure a meeting venue, or service a vehicle, we’ll work with you to design a Commercial Card program that offers the spending control and expense visibility you need to help run your municipal entity more efficiently. 

Optimize Your Opportunities

The Comerica Commercial Card can benefit your municipal entity in a variety of ways — from increasing your cash flow to streamlining purchasing activities to faster delivery of goods — all with a more efficient and less expensive electronic payment method. When your employees use the Commercial Card, you will have less paperwork associated with authorizing, tracking and reconciling purchases. The Card also offers enhanced information — data captured at point-of-sale (POS) eases internal reporting, cost allocation, and general ledger posting, saving you time and hassle.

Departments including County Executive, Facilities and Operations, Health and Community Services, Roads Department, Purchasing, and more could all benefit in different ways with a specially designed Commercial Card program.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to participate in a consortium with your fellow local government bodies, designed to empower municipalities to gain greater efficiencies and add value to their bottom line. The key benefit to consortium participation is the consolidation of purchase volumes from all participating programs in determining the rate tier for revenue share payment. Additional benefits include:

  • Easy Commercial Card program implementation
  • No purchase volume minimums for your card program to qualify for consortium annual revenue share payment
  • Waiver of Commercial Card annual program management fee and no annual 
per-card fees
  • Online Card Management System to manage your card program 24/7
  • Shared knowledge and resource base 
  • Assigned Comerica Card Solutions Consultant
  • Preferred access to technical resources and customer service

Your Card Program. Your Controls.

With the Comerica Commercial Card, you choose the spending privileges for each cardholder. Based on job responsibility, you decide who can use their card for travel, procurement, vehicle expenses, or any combination by assigning pre-defined purchase profiles or creating custom profiles based on supplier type. Our selection of purchase profiles makes it easy to specify the types of suppliers where each card can be used and what dollar or transaction limits might be imposed, as well. You are in control.

As part of a comprehensive card payment program, Comerica offers a variety of card types to support your specific needs, including:

  • Physical cards issued to individuals, such as your employee/agents for travel and purchasing
  • Card account numbers or “ghost” cards lodged with trusted vendors
  • Vendor cards assigned to specific suppliers via Comerica Online Vendor Payment
  • Fleet cards assigned to assets or drivers
  • Budget cards or declining balance project cards

Vendor card payments can also be automated and integrated with your other payables, including:

  • Comerica Integrated PayablesSM
  • Comerica Integrated Payables WebSM

Expense Transparency at Your Fingertips

Our web-based administration and reporting tools give your card program administrators and cardholders the information they need — when they need it. 24/7 access to accounts and transactions lets you and your cardholders work according to your schedule.

Card Management System (CMS)

Comerica’s automated program management tool lets you manage and monitor your card program on a day-to-day basis. View current balances and recent transactions, add new cardholders, change purchase profiles, block or cancel cards, export transaction data for deeper analysis or integration into your MIS, and more. Comerica’s CMS is easy to use and provides 24-hour access, providing you ultimate control over your program and enhanced security with token login access.

Online Statements

Online Statements are accessible via CMS by you and your cardholders to view 
24 months of statements, view pending and posted transactions, and make payments.

Mastercard®* Smart DataTM (SDG2)

Mastercard smartdata.gen2 is a web-based reporting solution for expense and information management. Manage, organize, and integrate card transaction data with your general ledger system with Smart Data. SDG2 includes transaction review/approval, as well as a powerful reporting tool that helps you turn data into business intelligence with customizable templates, receipt upload capabilities, advanced filtering options, and the ability to schedule and export reports in a variety of formats. In addition, SDG2 features the Smart Data mobile website with the ability to view up to 
30 days of transactions, upload receipts, and add cash transactions.

Partnering for Success

The Comerica Commercial Card team is dedicated to answering questions and assisting you and your card program administrators. We don’t want to leave the success of your program to chance, so we offer a number of program optimization tools to help you establish realistic goals. Based on your goals, we’ll share best practices to help you achieve them. Whether you are using cards for the first time, or have experience with payment card transactions, we can help you achieve ongoing efficiency and maximum performance through an optimal card program.

To learn more about the Comerica Commercial Card, please contact your Comerica Relationship Manager, or call Treasury Management Services at 888.341.6490.