Colorado Association of Realtors® Housing Opportunity Foundation (CARHOF)

Comerica’s Trust Account Services give title and escrow companies a convenient, easy way to comply with state-mandated laws regarding interest earned on earnest monies. Our Trust Account Services provide a means for you to submit earnest monies for deposit at Comerica with accumulated interest directed to a nonprofit housing-related agency such as the Colorado Association of Realtors® Housing Opportunity Foundation (CARHOF). Using our Trust Account Services saves you the burden of having to distribute interest funds and create reports that detail their distribution.

Trust Account Services are handled by our Financial Services Division, a team specializing in providing wire operations, escrow and depository services, credit products, and custom balance usage options to the title and escrow industry. These professionals will provide the unique accounting processes required to make sure that interest from your escrow account is properly routed and reported. 


  • Competitive title/escrow interest rates
  • No additional costs
  • Accounts are easy to open
  • Supports CARHOF directly
  • Account can be tied to your current infrastructure to facilitate information reporting and accounting transfers
  • Comerica will send the check directly to CARHOF

Charitable accounts are accessible through our online Treasury Management tools, where you’ll also have account reporting and fund transfer capabilities.

Comerica is proud to support the efforts of philanthropic organizations like CARHOF that promote safe, decent and affordable housing for people in need. We’re a participating CARHOF financial institution and stand ready to help you streamline your CARHOF support efforts.