Comerica Bank is one of the few financial institutions in the United States with a dedicated Captive Insurance Group that offers a complete solution for your captive’s financial needs.

Insight — Our experienced professionals understand the special needs of captives; we have a thorough knowledge of the regulations, complexities, and local nuances that are so critical to facilitating the process.

Response — We assemble an appropriate team of professionals to expertly guide you through the start-up process. We work hard to help clarify your specific needs, then shift into execution, delivering customized financial services for your captive insurance program. 

The Comerica Global and Captive Insurance Group is here to help you succeed. Why not take advantage of our experience, capabilities, and worldwide network? 

Four Reasons to Make Comerica Your Captive Insurance Resource

Industry Expertise — Our expertise covers every financial aspect of the captive industry. Our experience extends to all major domiciles, worldwide.

Stability — One of the nation’s largest, highly rated and NAIC-approved financial institutions.

Worldwide Network — Through Comerica, you’ll have direct access to the world’s leading insurance, captive management, asset management, consulting, auditing, and legal firms, and you’ll benefit from the efficiencies and productivity their professional knowledge affords.

Full-Service Capabilities — Our ability to provide customized solutions — including letters of credit, custody, and investment management — is recognized throughout the captive industry. As a full service bank, however, we also offer the unique advantage of additional services, like foreign exchange, treasury management, and commercial loan syndication. We’re the complete financial solution for captives.

Financial Services for Captives

Letters of Credit — Comerica is ranked among the top banks nationally for letter of credit issuance. Our financial strength and capital position are your assurance of market acceptance. Our expertise enables you to structure letters of credit at competitive rates.

Credit Facilities — Our standing as one of the few U.S. banks with a dedicated Captive Insurance Group is an advantage that captive professionals in the major domiciles and reinsurance companies do not overlook. We can structure a credit facility for whatever financing you need—letters of credit, short term working capital, or long term acquisition. We can also provide foreign exchange lines of credit and arrange substantial direct and syndicated lines of credit for insurance companies.

Institutional Trust and Custody Services — We provide for the safekeeping of assets, timely execution and settlement of global securities transactions, accurate accounting and reporting, overnight cash investments, securities lending, performance measurement reporting, online access to account information, and much more. With over $60 billion in total assets and over $100 billion under trust and custody and investment management, Comerica is one of the nation’s leading financial institutions providing these services to captive insurance companies.

Reg 114 Trusts — A Regulation 114 Trust is an alternative to a letter of credit for the support of captive insurance programs. Comerica is one of the nation’s largest NAIC-approved banks acting as trustee for these trusts.

Investment Management — We have access to a wide range of investment options, along with captive insurance portfolio management. In addition to managing fixed income, equities, and cash equivalents, we offer a wide range of alternative strategies that may reduce risk and increase returns.

Treasury Management Services — With Comerica’s leading-edge image capabilities and comprehensive account information and transaction services, our treasury management team can provide customized solutions to help you reduce expenses, capitalize on revenue opportunities, streamline your daily operations, and reduce your risk of fraud.

Why Establish A Captive Insurance Company?

A captive insurance company is a subsidiary or program you establish for your business to insure against the risk of loss, such as property and casualty, general and product liability, workers’ compensation, automobile liability, and medical malpractice. A captive can enable you to purchase insurance directly from reinsurance companies at significant cost savings. Locations like Barbados, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, Arizona, Delaware, Hawaii, Nevada, South Carolina, Vermont, Washington D.C., Texas and Michigan provide the favorable legislation and established infrastructure necessary to support the captive insurance industry.

Captives can provide a number of benefits over traditional insurance, including:

  • Risk Mitigation — you structure the type of coverage and level of risk to retain
  • Cost Savings — you retain underwriting profits and investment income
  • Protection from Price Fluctuations — you stabilize your risk management costs
  • Cash Flow — you control investments and can structure maturities to meet your cash flow needs

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