Streamline Your Check Deposits

Comerica Business Deposit Capture® (BDC) is a powerful tool that allows you to scan images of checks and other deposit items for electronic delivery to your Comerica account. It’s a solution that lets you capture deposits at your office and allows you to consolidate deposit information from multiple locations. Your transmitted deposits can enter the collection stream faster and with less effort, cost and risk than with traditional methods.

Because your deposits are electronic, BDC gives you the convenience of an extended deposit window beyond that of traditional banking center hours. It is an easy solution for checks that end up at your office instead of sent to your lockbox. By reducing the need to deliver or mail paper items, you will have faster access to the funds your company needs.

Achieve Greater Speed, Convenience and Security

  • Reduce Bank Fees  Consolidate regional or national deposits to a single account
  • Improve Funds Availability Deposit checks the same day you receive them, even after your local banking center is closed or your courier has left, until as late as 11:00p.m. ET.
  • Improve Record Keeping Use the capture process to retain complete check images for your records and use the detailed reporting to update your accounts receivables
  • Improve Customer Service Retrieve stored check images for 60 days for faster online research
  • Reduce or Eliminate Transportation Costs Make fewer trips to the bank and waste less time away from the office
  • Enhance Payment Remittance —Take advantage of custom deposit fields at no additional charge and key in remittance information such as the invoice number associated with the payment while making the deposit

Enhance Your Company’s Productivity

  • Minimize returns and adjustments — BDC validates scanned check quality and requires that deposits are balanced before transmitting to Comerica.
  • Apply additional controls — You can opt to require a second user to review each deposit for accuracy before transmitting the transaction. 
  • Reduce data keying — CAR (courtesy amount recognition) and LAR (legal amount recognition) capture most dollar amounts for you. 
  • Reconcile easily — Deposit summary information is available through Comerica Treasury Information ReportingTM or Comerica Treasury File Reporting®.
  • Improve flexibility — BDC is accessible from virtually anywhere, anytime, and operates in a standalone or network environment.
  • Maximize automation — BDC interfaces with your company’s QuickBooks®1 software system.
  • Choose your hardware — BDC works with various desktop check scanners to accommodate your volume and processing speed requirements.

To learn more about Comerica Business Deposit Capture, please contact your Comerica Treasury Management representative, or call Treasury Management Services at 888.341.6490.