Many companies talk about understanding their customers and their customers’ businesses. But at Comerica, we’re one of the few banks that can uniquely demonstrate that for the beverage wholesaler industry. 

Our Approach

We begin with an inherent understanding of the value of a relationship, the value of your expertise, as well as the value of your rights to distribute product. We’ve seen the difficulties many beverage wholesalers face when seeking financing for many different aspects of their business without “hard” collateral. At Comerica, we recognize the value of your franchise, something that is difficult to find at many banks.

Our Relationships

Recognizing the value of your franchise and distribution rights are just some of the ways we demonstrate our understanding of the industry. We consistently provide a complete relationship approach by maintaining an ongoing dialogue with you, listening to your story and understanding your business. We provide a complete range of business solutions, from financing and cash management to transaction accounts and ongoing support, all in one place, all in a relationship you can bank on.

A History of Making It Work

Comerica can provide value and enhancements to your current banking relationship.

  • When a wholesaler’s lending exposure grows beyond the local bank’s capabilities or comfort level.
  • When a wholesaler needs an industry specialist who really understands lending to a beverage wholesaler.

We’ve provided solutions for a range of financing needs. For example, a third-generation, debt-free beer wholesaler had a 50-year relationship with its local bank. When a neighboring distribution territory was put up for sale, the wholesaler had the opportunity to expand its business and triple its case volume. But without tangible, hard collateral, the wholesaler found its bank was unable to structure financing. That’s when the wholesaler came to Comerica. We saw its historical financial success, its strong family history, and the inherent value of a franchise that was in business for many years. We were able to propose financing within 72 hours, allowing the wholesaler to capitalize on the opportunity.*

Take the case of another wholesaler looking to construct a new warehouse distribution facility. When the company’s bank declined to provide financing, Comerica stepped in, gave credit to the value of its distribution rights, and was able to provide financing for the company’s new building and also provide interim liquidity.*

Comerica’s Beverage Wholesaler Services at a Glance:

  • Over 30 years of market experience with beverage wholesalers and a team of industry specialists with 50-plus years of lending expertise.
  • Nationwide customer base includes the major beer brands, wine, energy drink and “all other” wholesalers.
  • Comerica participates in all major industry events, belongs to many significant industry associations, and has rapport with all major industry consultants.
  • Banking products include working capital, CAPEX, real estate, acquisition and succession loan facilities, as well as state-of-the-art cash management and wealth management. Comerica has a firm understanding of deal metrics, “blue sky” valuations and the value of a franchise.
  • Our growth has been by word-of-mouth through proven relationships, built one customer, one contact, one referral at a time. We are focused on growing and banking the “best of the best.”

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