Automate Your Payables and Receivables Process; Simplify Your Life

With Comerica’s Automated Clearing House (ACH)1 service, you can automate your payables and receivables process with one simple, seamless solution.

ACH provides a highly reliable and efficient electronic payment method for debits and credits utilizing a nationwide automated clearing house network. With Comerica’s ACH service, your organization can avoid the labor and process costs associated with generating, sending and receiving paper checks, and it provides faster access to your funds.

ACH payments and detailed remittance information can be sent or received directly through a secure file transfer protocol or by using any of our electronic payment systems, which accept many different file formats.  Comerica offers several options, such as Comerica Treasury Payments®, Comerica Treasury File ReportingTM, Comerica Integrated Payables WebTM and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), which allow you to easily originate and receive payments.

Safe, Easy Ways to Receive Payments

When you use Comerica to receive ACH debits or credits, your company can not only streamline its processing, it can also increase operational efficiencies to help reduce your costs. ACH allows you to improve collection rates, clearing and funds availability, and automate your posting with electronic delivery of remittance information.

You can also save daily processing time by establishing optional ACH email alerts that provide details for specific ACH activities, such as Incoming ACH Transactions and Incoming ACH Transactions Plus Addenda.

Comerica offers fraud protection services such as Comerica ACH Positive PayTM. Comerica ACH Positive Pay allows you to review incoming ACH items and reject them before they actually post to your account. With our fraud protection tools, you’ll add a layer of security to your fraud protection strategies.

Timely, Secure Transaction Processing

ACH is ideal for processing a wide variety of transactions such as payroll, healthcare, mortgage, utility, insurance, tax, and membership collections between you and your employees, customers, and trading partners. This allows your company to benefit from a more predictable cash flow and improved efficiency.

By processing debits and credits electronically rather than by check, you can lower your costs, reduce the risk of fraud and simplify your operations.

Comerica offers these services to make your experience with ACH even more valuable:

  • Internet and Telephone-Initiated Entries, and electronic re-presentment of checks are available to expedite the collection of consumer payments
  • International ACH transactions
  • ACH email alerts that provide details for specific ACH origination activities, including:
    • File Acknowledgement Alerts
    • Batch Acknowledgement Alerts
    • Notifications of Change (NOC)
    • Returned Items

As an extra benefit, Comerica has partnered with multiple Regional Payment Associations (RPAs) to provide ACH Rules support, training and resources to financial institutions, corporations and technology providers. As a member of an RPA, you can review and order ACH Rules online, have access to ACH professionals who can assist you with regulatory issues, participate in classes and more.

Getting Started Is Easy

Comerica Treasury Management specialists can help you implement a customized cash management strategy designed to maximize efficiencies while minimizing costs.

Comerica offers consulting and solutions to help your business. To put the power of our ACH service into your treasury management process, please contact your Comerica Treasury Management specialist, or call Treasury Management Services at 888.341.6490 to learn more.