What is the Account Balance Fee?

The Account Balance Fee is assessed to help recoup some or all the costs associated with maintaining business account balances. Many factors contribute to the cost we incur to maintain balances. Some of those factors are overhead, processing, legal and regulatory costs.

What is the dollar amount of the fee?

The fee is charged monthly and may change monthly. The fee is currently $0.125 per $1,000 in balances. The average monthly ledger balance is used to calculate the fee.

Each month the following message is published on your account statement informing you of the fee for that month:

  • The Account Balance Fee for this statement period for this account is $X.XX/$1,000.

Where does this charge appear on my statement?

If you receive Analysis statements, then you will see the charge as a line item called “Account Balance Fee.” However, if you do not receive Analysis statements, then the charge will be reflected as part of your total “Analysis Service Charge” on your account statement and will not be reflected as a line item.

Is the fee assessed on an account by account or relationship basis?

The fee is assessed on an individual account basis.

Is this fee associated with FDIC insurance?

No, this fee is not directly related to the deposit insurance provided to depositors by the FDIC. The FDIC assessment to Comerica is only one of many factors that are covered in the fee.

If you have any questions, please contact your Relationship Manager.