Insurance for what you can’t predict.

No one can see into the future, but with long-term care insurance from Comerica Insurance Services, Inc. you can help get you prepared for things that may come your way. Get a plan that provides the financial resources to manage the expenses of long-term care for your loved ones. Comerica Insurance Services, Inc. will help you to make sure you have the coverage that makes sense for you and your lifestyle.

Features include

May cover skilled and custodial health care for conditions that do not qualify as acute medical emergencies, such as:

  • Home health care. Assistance for people who remain independent for the most part, but who may need help with some activities of daily living, such as personal care, feeding, medications and ambulation
  • Adult day care and respite care
  • Custodial or skilled assistance when the primary caregiver is not present
  • Nursing home care. Extended 24-hour care in a nursing home, convalescent home or special Alzheimer’s facility​​​​​​​