Checklist: Refinance

Refinancing a mortgage involves many of the same steps you encountered when you purchased your home, plus there may be a few new steps. To help you navigate the refinancing process, we’ve prepared this checklist of what’s involved.

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✓ Benefits of Refinancing
✓ How Much Do You Owe?
✓ Get Prepared Now!
✓Home Insurance and Your Rights

Benefits of Refinancing

  • Is your goal to lower your monthly payments?
  • Is your goal to shorten the term of your loan?

How Much Do You Owe?

  • What is the payoff amount on your existing mortgage?
  • Does your current lender charge any fees or penalties for prepayment?
  • Use a refinance calculator to determine if refinancing is a good financial decision for you.

Get Prepared Now!

  • The specific documents you will need vary depending on your location and loan program, but generally, have available: proof of income, home insurance, and title insurance; copies of your W-2 form; and information about your assets.
  • Have a copy of the deed to your home and a copy of your title policy at hand.
  • Request a payoff statement from your current lender that includes the daily interest rate. You may need this prior to closing.
  • Contact your title company to discover what documents they need. That may include documents from your current lender, your municipality and others. In some states, a survey is required and must be given to the title company in advance of closing.

Home Insurance and Your Rights

  • A paid one-year policy for hazard insurance is required.
  • The policy should cover at least the amount of the mortgage.
  • We become the named mortgagee on your policy.
  • During the three-day right of rescission period, you may cancel the loan for any reason.
  • Flood insurance may also be required.

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