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What is Captive Insurance?

Captive insurance companies are created specifically to insure risks for their parent group or company, and can be a better option than other insurance for many companies. Comerica Captive insurance is a comprehensive insurance solution that not only insures unmitigated risk, but provides many complimentary financial benefits for those that want more control over their insurance strategy. Read below and download our report, "5 questions to ask when considering a captive" for more detailed information on how to form a Captive with Comerica.

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Here Are Four Ways Your Company Can Benefit From a Captive.

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Mitigate Risk

A business has many unforseen risks that can be difficult to mitigate with standard insurance. Captive insurance allows you to structure the type and amount of risk you wish to retain. You may include risks that are currently uninsurable or insurable only at prohibitive costs. Risks that you do not retain for your own account can be covered in the reinsurance market.

Improve Cash Flow

You maintain control of your premium payments and direct the management of those funds according to your own investment strategy. This enables your business to maximize the yield on the portfolio commensurate with risk and to structure the maturities to meet your cash flow requirements.

Stabilize Price Fluctuations

Captive insurance may stabilize your risk management costs. Market factors beyond your insured risks lead to volatile insurance pricing. When you insure through a captive, premiums are determined by your ' business' own loss experience rather than the experience of a peer group, whose loss ratios may be much higher.

Manage Costs

Minimize costs through a variety of ways with your captive: bypass commercial brokers and retain underwriting profits and investment income, share costs within a group fund of industry associations or captive subsidiaries without multi-corporate structures, and consolidate coverage and centralize administrative support.

Comerica: Your trusted financial advisor

Industry Expertise

Our expertise covers virtually every financial aspect of the captive industry. Our experience extends to all major domiciles, worldwide.


One of the nation's largest, most highly rated, and NAIC-approved financial institutions.

Worldwide Network

Direct access to the world's leading insurance, captive management, asset management, consulting, auditing, and legal firms.


Our ability to provide customized financial solutions is recognized throughout the captive industry.

Custom financial services

Letters of credit

Comerica is ranked among the top banks nationally for letter of credit issuance. Our financial strength and capital position are your assurance of market acceptance. Our expertise enables you to structure letters of credit at competitive rates.

Custody accounts

We provide for the safekeeping of assets, timely execution and settlement of global securities transactions, accurate accounting and reporting, overnight cash investments, securities lending, performance measurement reporting, and much more.


With over $100 billion in assets under trust custody, Comerica is one of the nation's leading financial institutions providing these services to captive insurance companies.

Asset management

In addition to managing equities, fixed income and cash, Comerica Asset Management offers a wide range of alternative strategies to expand investment opportunities.

Treasury management

We can provide customized solutions to help you reduce expenses, capitalize on revenue opportunities, streamline your daily operations, and reduce your risk of fraud.

Foreign exchange

Work closely with foreign exchange professionals to create custom strategies based on your appetite for risk and available resources that help you manage your foreign exchange fluctuation risk.

Answers when you need them

What are the reasons to establish a captive?

Lower insurance costs: Captives generally have lower administrative costs and owners retain underwriting profits and investment income.

Increased capacity and coverage: A captive can insure risks that would otherwise be uninsurable or too expensive in the commercial market, plus they can provide broader coverage.

What is a custody account?

That captive's assets are held in an account either onshore or offshore depending on the captive's domicile. Comerica can provide online access to the account at no extra charge.

What is a letter of credit?

A letter of credit (also called an LOC) is a document issued by a bank for a fixed dollar amount that is an irrevocable obligation to pay upon presentation. Fronting insurance companies require LOCs to assure that the captive honors its reinsurance obligation and for regulatory purposes.

What is a Regulation 114 Trust?

A Regulation 114 Trust is an alternative to an letter of credit. It is adopted from the New York Department of Insurance regulations and is a three-party agreement between a captive, a fronting insurance company and a bank. Although usually cheaper than an LOC, investments are generally more restrictive.

What is Comerica's role?

Comerica provides banking services (e.g., letters of credit, custody accounts, Regulation 114 Trusts, investment management, etc.) once the captives are up and running.

Why Comerica?

Comerica has been servicing the special needs of captives for over 15 years and has a dedicated team of captive insurance professionals active in all major domiciles.

Recent Comerica Bank recognition

U.S. Captive Services Award

U.S. Captive Services Award

Captive Review Magazine recognizes Comerica with the 2014 U.S. Captive Services Award.

Greenwich Associates Award

Greenwich Associates

Greenwich Associates has recognized Comerica among the Top 5% of U.S. banks with distinctive quality in 12 categories within Middle Market Banking.1

DiversityInc Magazine Award

DiversityInc Magazine 2014

Comerica #5 among DiversityInc "Top 10 Regional Companies" in 2014.