Investment Management and Treasury Services

Comerica Asset Management has the experience, resources and commitment to deliver customized investment management solutions for your captive and global insurance needs. Our approach to managing client portfolios is intensely focused on a disciplined and rigorous process that has provided consistent and sustainable risk-adjusted returns, utilizing fundamental and quantitative analysis. In addition to managing equities, fixed income and cash, Comerica Asset Management offers a wide range of alternative strategies to expand investment opportunities that may reduce risk and increase returns.

The transferring of funds between parent, captive and insurer is handled quickly and smoothly to maximize investment opportunities. Comerica's experienced international treasury management staff can customize services to fulfill your specific cash management and reporting requirements.

As a member of SWIFT (the Society for Worldwide InterBank Financial Telecommunications), and in cooperation with major correspondent banks worldwide, we maintain a network that enables us to monitor each transaction and facilitate the flow of funds and information wherever you need them.