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Comerica Teaches Financial Fundamentals That Help You Reach Your Financial Goals.

At Comerica we are committed to expanding the financial knowledge within our communities, both for businesses and their employees, so they can help people make the most of their money and protect themselves from potential risks. We offer a variety of free seminars to choose from. Contact a Comerica representative for more details today! 


Seminar Offerings

Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

  • What it is and where it happens 
  • How your identity can be misused
  • Tips to protect yourself

Five Ways To Make Banking Easy With Technology

  • Benefits of digital banking tools
  • Overview of five digital tools
  • How to simplify your life using these tools

Renting vs. Buying a Home

  • Upfront vs. recurring costs
  • Types of financing
  • Benefits comparison

Managing Your Money For Students

  • Overview of banking products and tools
  • Creating a budget and managing your funds
  • Understanding credit

Retirement 101

  • The importance of saving for retirement
  • How much you need to save
  • Ways to save for retirement

Managing Your Cash Flow For Small Business

  • Understanding cash flow forecasting and budgeting
  • Overcoming cash flow problems
  • Tools, tips, and financing options

Managing Your Credit Score

  • What it is and why it matters
  • Factors that affect your score
  • Ways to build, monitor, and improve your score

The Power of Saving Money

  • The importance of saving money
  • Types of savings vehicles
  • Ways to save money

If you would like to participate or provide one of these seminars for your employees, please contact a Comerica representative today.


Comerica WorksSM Seminar Benefits

  • Our programs provided are at no cost to our customers
  • Free online tools and resources
  • We offer many products and services that may help

Why do you need a financial wellness program?

Employee Stats

  • Approximately 26% of adults have no savings set aside for emergencies1
  • 36% have yet to start socking away money for retirement1
  • 38 million households in the U.S. live paycheck to paycheck1
  • Almost half of Americans would not be able to cover an unexpected expense of $500 or less1
  • 36% of adults haven't started saving for retirement1
  • 59% say that running out of money is their number one fear1
  • 93% of middle-class workers are participating to a 401(k) plan, 67% of them are only saving enough to qualify for the company match1
  • Fifty-six percent of people have no idea their credit score is the most important factor for applying for a mortgage, car loan and new credit card2
  • Two thirds of Americans do not budget3

Employer Stats

  • Nearly one-third of all employees is distracted by personal financial issues while at work, with almost half of them spending three hours or more each week handling personal finances at work4
  • Fifty-three percent of all employees are stressed about their finances4
  • Financial stressors are not only negatively impacting employees, but are costing employers. Stressed employees are found to be less productive, take time off from work to deal with their finances, and are more likely to cite health issues caused by financial stress. These findings are concerning and potentially significant for companies looking to evaluate the return on investment of a financial wellness program.”4
  • Four out of five employers report that their employees’ personal financial issues are impacting their job performance somewhat, very much or to an extreme degree, according to the IFEBP survey.5 This is resulting in:
    • An increase in stress among employees (reported by 76 percent of employers).
    • Workers’ inability to focus at work (60 percent).
    • Absenteeism and tardiness (34 percent).