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Philanthropy made easy.

When you strongly believe in the importance of charity and philanthropy, it’s important to work with a bank that feels the same way. Like you, Comerica is dedicated to charitable foundations and works to make gift giving a simple and easy process. If you’re looking to benefit your favorite charitable organization, the philanthropy professionals at Comerica can help you make the most of that important gift. 

Comerica Charitable Foundation

The Comerica Charitable Foundation​ is supported by contributions received from Comerica Incorporated with the hope of benefiting the communities in which we live and work. The Comerica Charitable Foundation’s funding priorities support community needs in our primary markets within Texas, Michigan, California, Arizona and Florida. The Comerica Charitable Foundation accepts applications for philanthropic cash grants to support program expenses of nonprofit organizations whose missions meet the foundation’s priorities for giving.

Comerica Charitable Trust1

The Comerica Charitable Trust is a charitable organization that has been designed to uniquely combine the professional investment management and trust services that you rely upon. Available through our Comerica Charitable Services group, the Comerica Charitable Trust makes charitable giving easy, flexible and tax-efficient for business owners and executives, families and nonprofit organizations.

Comerica Legacy Foundation

Created in 1981, this California nonprofit corporation serves the philanthropic needs of our clients in all markets by providing donor funds, charitable gift annuities and permanent endowment funds to support a donor’s favorite charities. The Comerica Legacy Foundation is a support foundation of the Comerica Charitable Trust and provides our clients with the utmost in philanthropic flexibility.

Comerica Managed Charitable Trusts

Comerica Private Fiduciary Services group, in conjunction with the experience of the Comerica Charitable Services group, manages more than 500 charitable foundation trusts for clients throughout the country. These trusts have been created by donors and are​ designed to support their favorite charitable organizations and missions, some for nearly 100 years.
Although most of the charitable trusts are designated to support specific charitable organizations, there are a number of foundation trusts where Comerica, as fiduciary, has discretion in determining which charitable organizations may receive funding. 

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Contact the Comerica Charitable Services group at 877.405.1091.​​​​​​

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