​External Transfer and Person To Person Transfer

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Transfer funds between your accounts at Comerica and other financial institutions or other people in a few days through Comerica Web Banking® without writing a check or visiting a banking center1.

Features include   

External Transfers1,2

  • Transfer funds between your Comerica checking or savings accounts and your accounts at other financial institutions located within the United States
  • Make a one-time transfer or establish recurring transfers

 Person to Person Transfers1,3

  • Send money from your Comerica account to other people by providing their email address or mobile phone number
  • Send a Gift Card instead of cash for that special occasion to your friends or family. Various restaurant, clothing, music and other Gift Cards available.  Excludes Visa® and MasterCard® Gift Cards
  • Receive money to your Comerica account from other people
  • Request money from other people via email or mobile phone number
  • Make a one-time transfer or establish recurring transfers

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