Work from Home Scams

​Protect yourself from these work at home scams.

​​Check Processor
The "business", located outside of the United States, needs someone to process checks from their United States customers. The job applicant is to deposit the checks into their account and wire 90% to the “employer” keeping the remaining 10%. The wires may go to various foreign countries. The check turns out to be counterfeit and the "employee" is responsible to their bank for the entire amount. Ask yourself: Why does an international business need me to process checks?

The "business" needs goods available in the United States. The applicant is asked to ship them to an address overseas at their own expense. The shipping fee will be reimbursed (with a counterfeit check). The items to be shipped are usually stolen or purchased with a stolen credit card.
Use extreme caution when dealing with employers you are not familiar with. Do some research on your own.​
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