​Lost or Stolen Cards & Checks

​​To report a lost or stolen card, contact us using one of the following numbers:

Comerica Check Cards or ATM cards, call 800.572.6620. If calling from outside the U.S. or Canada, call 734.632.5181
Comerica Credit Cards issued by Elan Financial Services, call 866.486.1015.
Comerica Convenience Card (reloadable prepaid card), call 855.745.4473.
Comerica Independence Card (reloadable prepaid card), call 855-675-7857.

To report lost or stolen checks, stop by any Comerica banking center or call Comerica Customer Service using one of the following numbers:

For Texas, call 800.925.2160
For California or Arizona, call  800.522.2265
For Michigan, Florida, and all other states, call 800.643.4418
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