​In this scam, thieves attach devices to ATMs and gas pumps, in order to capture ATM card numbers and PIN codes.
While the equipment can vary in appearance, the devices usually consist of a skimmer that is attached over the card slot. The skimmer is used to capture the magnetic stripe data contained on the back of the card, which contains the customer’s card number. The thieves then use a camera, mounted on or near the machine or gas pump, to obtain your PIN code. This information is then encoded onto a blank card called “white plastic” and used to withdraw money from your account. Many times, the thief will place a sign on the machine or gas pump, advising customers to swipe their cards through the device.
To protect yourself from this scam:
If the machine or gas pump looks different (strange signs or devices attached) do not use. Report the device to your bank or the gas station immediately.

If you attempt to make an ATM transaction and do not receive any funds or the screen does not prompt you to enter you PIN code, contact your bank immediately.

Try to use the same ATM when making transactions. When possible, avoid using machines that are unfamiliar to you.

Review your account statements to ensure there are no unauthorized transactions on your account.
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