Foreign Lottery​​​​

​In this scam, consumers receive a phone call, email, or a letter stating that they have won a large sum of money in a foreign lottery. The winner is told that a check will be sent to them to cover part of the taxes they'll owe. They are then instructed to deposit the check into their account, withdraw a specified amount within a few days, and send the funds via wire or money transfer agency to the lottery office. The letter promises the sender that once the funds are received, the remaining prize money will be forwarded to the winner.
Shortly after the money is wired, the deposited check is returned as counterfeit to the consumer's account and no winnings are ever received.

Don't gamble with your money. 

Ask yourself the following questions:
  • How could I win the lottery if I never bought a ticket or entered a sweepstakes?
  • Why do I need to send money to get my winnings?
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