​Understanding Deposit Availability for Your Account

​At Comerica we want to help you understand the factors that affect how quickly your deposited funds are made available to pay your daily transactions. Our goal is to provide ways that will help you effectively manage your account and avoid situations where your funds are not available when you expect them to be.

When deposited funds are available
The availability of deposited funds generally depends on the deposit type (such as a check or cash) as outlined in the following chart.
Deposit Type​ ​ ​ ​ Deposit Availability​ ​ ​ ​
​Immediately ​During Nightly Posting ​Next Business Day2 ​Second Business Day
​ ​ ​At a Comerica Banking Center ​Cash ​Entire Deposit ​Entire Deposit ​Entire Deposit ​Entire Deposit
​Comerica Check ​$0 ​Entire Deposit ​Entire Deposit ​Entire Deposit
​Non-Comerica Check ​$0 ​$1001 ​Entire Deposit ​Entire Deposit
​ ​ ​At a Comerica ATM1 ​​Cash ​$200 ​​$200 ​​$200 ​Entire Deposit
​Comerica Check ​​$200 ​​$200 ​​$200 ​Entire Deposit
​Non-Comerica Check ​​$200 ​​$200 ​​$200 ​Entire Deposit

For additional information on services available to help meet your spending needs when your funds are unavailable, please visit the Overdraft Services page listed under Tools & Resources on the right. 





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