​Online Banking​​​

  • If you are concerned about the authenticity of a financial institution's e-mail, contact your financial institution directly by phone beforehand. ​Don't click the link. You may also go directly to your institution's site by typing the URL in the browser. If you go directly to the site, check for indicators that the pages are secure, such as a padlock symbol at the bottom of the page and a URL that begins with "https" instead of "http".
  • Change your passwords periodically, using strong passwords that could not be easily guessed. For example, do not use names (e.g., your mother's maiden name) familiar dates (e.g., your birthday) or your Social Security number (SSN). Comerica Web Banking® uses alpha-numeric passwords for your security.
  • Always log off from your online banking session. Shut off your computer or disconnect from the Internet when not in use.
  • Check merchant privacy policies and only shop at those that publish privacy policies with which you agree.
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