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Reliable, secure coin and currency processing tailored to meet your needs.

Processing and ordering large amounts of coin and currency needs to be accurate, timely and secure. That’s why we offer Comerica Cash Vault, ​a service that uses armored couriers to track and securely deliver cash orders and deposits between your company and Comerica. Cash orders are requested by calling an interactive voice response system and may be scheduled to recur regularly. There’s nothing more important than the secure handling of your money and Comerica Cash Vault helps provide that security. 


Features include

  • Multiple vault locations in Texas, Michigan, California and other locations outside of Comerica’s primary service areas to process your cash orders and deposits
  • Deposits and orders can be processed daily, weekly or based on a specific schedule 
  • All deposits and orders are delivered by your designated armored courier and processed in a securely monitored environment
  • Same day processing and account posting for orders received prior to the vault’s daily cut-off times
  • Orders can be placed 24/7 via Comerica’s  interactive voice response system
  • Customers can establish standing orders at most Comerica Cash Vault locations
  • Order limits are established by location to protect your assets
  • Fax reporting can be consolidated by location (based on use of the same account number), allowing one report with all locations’ information to be sent to one centralized source
  • Fax reporting can also be sent to individual locations​