ACH & Wire Transfer

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Automated Clearing House (ACH)

The Automated Clearing House (ACH)1, a nationwide network, gives you an electronic payment method that enables you to initiate debits and credits in a variety of consumer and commercial payment types. With this robust solution you maintain control of your funds until you decide payment should be made, and there’s never a need to write, process and reconcile checks. 

Features include

  • Electronic processing to eliminate preparation and storage costs of paper
  • Automated returns resulting in faster, more accurate representment/collection
  • Distribution of remittance information
  • Information in standard format, improving consistency and machine readability of data
  • Tiered security structure to provide data security
  • ACH cross-border transfers to Canada

​Business Wire Transfer

​​​​​​Commercial wire transfers are one way to transfer funds to achieve same-day availability of funds with minimal risk because only available funds are transferred and/or received. There are significant cost savings and possible efficiencies gained by initiating wires electronically via Comerica TM Connect WebSM or Comerica TM Connect File TransferSM. Maximize the use of your funds - utilize wire transfers.

Wire transfers can be initiated three ways:

      • Electronically using our TM ConnectSM products
      • By phone using a secure PIN
      • In person at a local banking center

Electronic wire transfers through our TM Connect products offer you the ability to:

        • Set up alerts for easy notification
        • Initiate wire transfers from your computer for convenience
        • Set up dual approval for additional security
        • Create templates for those wire transfers done on a repetitive basis
        • Initiate both domestic and international wires

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