Online Vendor Payment​​​​​

Leveraging your Comerica Commercial CardSM program to include Online Vendor Payment can help you gain more control over your vendor payments, as well as benefit from a simplified payment process and reduced exposure to fraud.

Imagine being able to pay your vendors quickly, easily and securely while improving your cash flow. Through Comerica's Card Management System (CMS), you can instantly initiate online vendor payments with a web-based screen entry. Using Online Vendor Payment is simple, secure and straightforward.
You select the Vendor Card account you have established for your vendor, set an authorization amount and expiration date and submit the payment. Your vendor will receive an email notification to process the payment and complete the Card transaction using their merchant service.
It's that easy to initiate online vendor payments!


  • Streamlined payment process
  • More control over vendor payments
  • Reduced fraud risk
  • Reduced costs associated with vendor payments
  • Improved cash flow with extended payment terms
  • Increased opportunity to earn revenue share
  • No implementation or monthly maintenance fees​​​​​​
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