Money Market Investing with MAESTRO​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Getting the most out of investments is a hallmark of successful corporations, institutions, and other investors. Comerica Securities, Inc. online money market funds trading system, Maestro, brings you the resources and unique combination of features to achieve that success, all while still having access to a Comerica securities financial consultant for assistance and investment advice when needed.

Access to Multiple Fund Families

Maestro provides a unique way to have access to multiple money market funds and share classes. Typically, minimum investment amounts for institutional share classes range from ten million to a billion dollars. With Maestro, you can invest in a broad array of funds with a minimum initial investment as low as $100,000.

Flexibility & Easy Access to Information

  • View a daily activity report, with accrued dividends listed in dollars by fund.
  • Enjoy extended cutoff times.1
  • Access trade confirmations.
  • Access up to two years of reports.
  • View settlement instructions and account settings.
  • Access prospectuses.

Trade with Ease

  • View the current rate, your current balances, the cutoff time, and pending trades for each fund.
  • Enter and cancel trades, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.1
  • Review dashboard for balance, pending trades, and other information.

Privacy & Security

  • Secure login through a multi-factor authentication process.
  • Investor’s name is not released to fund companies unless requested by the investor.
  • View-only access available, if desired.
For more information, please call Comerica Securities Institutional Sales at 800.327.7058.​​​
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