Documentary Collections​​​​​

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Accelerate the flow of goods and funds at every stage of your supply chain.

Comerica understands the importance of protecting your company when importing and exporting goods. Our documentary import and export collections services are ideal for situations where you are dealing with a known supplier but still require control of the transaction. Work with a Comerica specialist to craft the solutions that will secure your goods for your business. 

Import documentary collections 

Comerica import documentary collections offer a quick and easy way to reduce risk. A compromise between open-account and cash-in-advance sales terms, documentary collections use intermediary banks to streamline the flow of goods and funds at every stage.  

Export documentary collections 

With Comerica export documentary collections you maintain control over the delivery of your goods until payment or a promise of payment from your buyer has been received. And you maintain control over how your collection should be handled, through the instructions you provide Comerica.​​​​​​​