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Comprehensive management for charitable gifts.

Managing and creating charitable gifts can be a challenging and time-consuming task for many non-profits. That’s why Comerica offers the endowment and planned gift managing services your organization is looking for. Our approach is simple: we learn all we can about your organization and establish a proactive plan designed for your needs. Then we apply our skills and experience to offer a unique and comprehensive collection of charitable services and benefits.

Our services

  • Donor discernment model
    • Help to bridge the values, vision and goals of major gift and endowment prospects, and your organization’s mission and priorities 
  • Asset building
  • Investment management
    • Money management and investment services for the gifts and assets entrusted to your organization
    • Integrate the investment management objectives with the fiduciary, prudent investor and administrative requirements of the various types of charitable gift arrangements
  • Financial services and trust management
    • ​Provide financial, transaction, trust management and fiduciary services for charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, charitable gift annuity programs, pooled income funds, other instruments and endowment and reserve fund assets

Our process

  • Helping you strengthen the ongoing planning and operation of your charitable gift planning and endowment building programs
  • Helping professional advisors and selected donor prospects understand better how charitable gift planning and philanthropy can assist individuals and families in realizing their personal visions, goals and legacy building
  • Providing dependable, creative and sensitive charitable gift planner assistance
  • Helping package your organization’s funding priorities to create charitable gift products for donor prospects’ gifting of some of their accumulated wealth
  • Helping you manage, monitor and evaluate your ongoing investment programs, policies and prudent investor best practices to help maximize your asset growth long term and fulfill your asset stewardship role
  • Providing capacity-building training for your selected staff members to enhance their effectiveness in charitable planned giving
  • Providing solutions from the charitable gift planning perspective
For more information, contact the Comerica Charitable Services group at 877.405.1091.

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