Corporate Services​

Corporate Financial Services
With a nationwide presence, billions of dollars in deposits, and a strong focus on relationship banking, Comerica provides wire operations, escrow and depository services, credit products, and custom balance usage options for a variety of specialized industries.
Trust and Custody Services
​As a custodian of over $100 billion in trust assets, Comerica Bank is large enough to offer advanced solutions but small enough to give your company the attention it deserves. We are committed to your company’s diverse goals and as a result our trust and custody services are designed to help you achieve them.
Institutional Investments
A financial consultant at Comerica Securities, Inc. will work with you to provide the choices, strategies and responsiveness needed to build a customized portfolio that focuses on preserving capital, meeting liquidity needs and adding value to your organization. 
Insurance & Retirement Plans
From your assets to your employees, it’s important to safeguard your businesses against risk while planning for the future. Regardless of the size of your company, insurance advisors and Comerica Securities, Inc. can evaluate your needs, and design solutions that are right for your organization.
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